is the second most popular coffee in the world. 

Its high caffeine content, earthy, full-bodied flavor, and great aftertaste give every sip a strong sense of the robustness its name implies. 

Coffeecherry is passionate about delivering the kind of high quality Robusta preferred in traditional Espresso blends because of its eye-catching crema and robust flavor. We use only the finest Robusta from Daklak - the coffee center of VietNam — to ensure that our coffee will meet or exceed your expectations. 

Are you ready for a cup of Coffeecherry's premium quality Robusta

  • Cropping farm 1: Ca M'gar - Ctr Dlie M'nOng - Dak Lak
  • Cropping farm 2: Ea Tan - Krong Nang - Dak Li*
  • Attitude: 600m Processing
  • Method: Hand picking and Full washed
  • Caffeine: Rich caffeine, 1.6 - 1.8%
  • Flavor: Characteristic tartness, earthy flavour and greater mouthfeel
  • Taste: Strong, deep, bitter, and harshe 
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